Learn By Simulations

Using simulations in undergraduate and professional education
Diving though the stratosphere in an advanced jet fighter, making the foul shot as the guard on your favorite professional basketball team, fighting throngs of invading aliens to save planet Earth, burning rubber as you hit the accelerator out of the pit in the last lap of the Indy 500, these and other computer and mobile device gaming simulations have become enormously popular forms of entertainment. Game-like simulations, however, can be more than just entertainment. They have been used in professional training by the military, in the aerospace industry and by others. In the last few years we have seen major advances in the speed and amount of data desktop and notebook computers and mobile devices can process. These advances make it possible to expand the use of simulations in training and education in the college-level market.

Simulations can help develop hands-on skills

Ram’s Horn Educational specializes in using¬†online, game-like simulation to deliver hands-on training and undergraduate education in environmental-related fields including—geology, environmental science, soil science, and environmental engineering. Just imagine the hands-on skills you could learn through simulation—sampling, taking field measurements, operating equipment, managing people and resources, dealing with problems that may arise, conducting computer related analyses.

Widespread, cost effective delivery
Using computer or mobile device based learning, while on-line has other positive educational attributes including: ease of widespread delivery, lower costs for training, choice of level of content and difficulty, and learning at your own pace.

Hands-on education through simulation? A revolution in learning!

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